Friday, July 12, 2013

ProCook Gourmet Stainless Steel 11" Frying Pan

I had just assumed that finding a good nonstick frying pan was like trying to find that cute, gray sweatshirt that fits you oh-so-perfectly and goes with everything. Like going to the beach and not having your kid start throwing sand. Like trying to find footwear that can truly be called "comfortable." Like going to the farmer's market and coming home with a reasonable amount of fruit.  Like eating just one cookie.  Like forgoing chocolate for just one day.

In other words, I didn't think it could happen.  Over the years, we have gone through many nonstick frying pans.  Handles fell off by merely whispering in the presence of the pan.  Scratches would appear by breathing near it, rendering the pan unusable after only three uses.  I had basically given up on the category of
 pans, using only our stainless steel pans and cast iron skillet instead.

Until now, when the ProCook Gourmet Stainless Steel 11" Frying Pan came along.  I never thought I would say this, but I do love this pan.  It has a solid, sturdy handle covered in silicone.  Deep sides.  Conducts heat amazingly fast (like oh my god, this egg is already cooked, I just put it in the pan fast!).  Dishwasher and oven safe.  No scratches yet, even after being used daily (we perhaps eat too many fried eggs - but how can one resist its allure?).  Food slides easily out of it.

I can't vouch yet for its longevity, however.  But so far, it has proved up to the task of being our nonstick frying pan.

I wouldn't hesitate to use ProCook for other cook/bakeware needs.  Prices are reasonable, they have wide range of goods, and as of today, have free 2-day shipping with $50 purchase.

NOTE: We did not receive financial compensation for this post. We received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely based on our own experiences.