Monday, December 16, 2013

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter "Deliciously Simple" and Country Crock "Simply Delicious," A Review

It can be a lonely existence for butter, hanging out alone amongst the eggs, and milks, and cheeses.  Part of the group, but yet, so very very different.  So alone.  And especially these days, as sticks of butter are quickly being placed in the refrigerator, and almost immediately, taken back out of the refrigerator and turned into various holiday treats, leaving no time for mingling. And nothing to top our toasts.

Luckily, Unilever took pity on our single sticks of butter and sent some friends, some family to keep it company.  Unilever has two new spreads - I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Deliciously Simple and Country Crock Simply Delicious.  These two spreads use simple ingredients like yogurt, canola oil, and salt.

After receiving these spreads, Max and I sat down together to try them on bread, to get a good feel for their tastes.  Despite having the same ingredient lists, they tasted surprisingly different.  Max preferred the Deliciously Simple, while I preferred Simply Delicious.  I actually found the Deliciously Simple spread to taste canola oil-y (which, as a neutral oil, I didn't even think was a possibility in life), even a bit distracting. But again, Max liked this, so who am I to argue?

One trait that both share is a glorious spreadability.  It is so wonderfully easy to spread on your bread, ensuring that each nook and cranny gets coated.  This trait, however, is perhaps a double-edged sword, as its ease of spreading facilitates copious amounts of the stuff to be spread on the bread by miniature people and then eaten with gleeful, mischievous abandon.

During our tasting, Max and I sampled  the spreads, and as a control, we had a beloved butter out to compare along side.  The Country Crock Simply Delicious was pretty good.  Even with a side by side comparison to the butter, it was hard to say I loved the butter more.  Plus, the Simply Delicious, as noted earlier was so easy to spread.

Max and I found Deliciously Simple and Simply Delicious to be useful and tasty toppings for our toast, something we are quite fond of in this family.  There is room for everyone in the fridge.  Well, kinda.  Our fridge is small.  But theoretically speaking, there is room for all.

NOTE: We did not receive financial compensation for this post. We received a sample kit from Unilever for review purposes. The opinions are completely based on our own experiences.

Want more info about the spreads? Click here and here! #DeliciouslySimple and #SimplyDelicious!